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Student lighting a candle at Mass

Inspired by Faith

Marian teaches the beliefs of the Roman
Catholic faith in a caring community

Marian’s Core Values are handed down from the Servants of Mary. They help to articulate what makes Marian “Marian.”  They are the Spirit of Marian - alive and dynamic, becoming a part of each girl.   These evolved from the international Servite Values and the input of Marian parents, alumnae and faculty.

Core value icon: Marian Identity, digital shadow of Mary with yellow halo and blue veil

Marian Identity

Pope Pius XII declared 1954 a Holy Marian Year. In March of 1954 construction began on Marian High School, and so it is fitting that our school would be named to honor Mary.

Marian means “like Mary.”  To be Marian, we are called to serve with love and to serve faithfully.  By saying “yes” to God, Mary brought hope to the world in the personage of her son, Jesus. So too are we called to be like Mary and bring hope to the world.  

Core Value Icon: Compassion, three decreasing in size hearts with small navy diamonds. Yellow, pink, blue

Throughout their four years at Marian, students encounter the core 
values in a variety of ways and by graduation, students can articulate how they have been formed by them.
The school shares its beautiful 40-acre campus with the sisters, who built their
motherhouse here in 1925. The sisters maintain a presence at Marian—attending all-school Masses, daily rosary and leading pastoral ministry programs.

All Marian students receive a solid foundation in Roman Catholic teachings provided through eight semesters of theology.

  • Marian utilizes a theology curriculum that was created by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and endorsed by the Archdiocese of Omaha.
  • Ranging from the study of scripture to social justice, coursework is enriched with daily prayer, liturgy and sacraments, annual retreats and community service.
  • Annual class retreats provide time dedicated to exploring your individual spirituality while connecting with your classmates.
  • Students plan and execute all spiritual development outside the classroom, making campus ministry the largest of Marian’s many extracurricular offerings.
  • Service opportunities abound locally, with the opportunity to apply for a service immersion program in the Dominican Republic.
  • Students of all faith backgrounds are welcome at Marian, giving Marian girls a deeper appreciation of their own religious beliefs and those of others.

The Core Values

In 2000, a meeting was held in Paris with principals, sisters and priests from Servite schools around the world. This international group articulated the Servite values that are present in a Servite education.  


The Servants of Mary’s charism, their particular gift to the church, is to manifest God’s compassionate presence in the spirit of Mary.  Just as Mary stood by Jesus’ side, we are called to be present to one another in times of joy and sorrow. Marian cultivates a sense of responsibility to be aware of the needs of others and to respond to those needs through service.


Acting on compassion, Marian encourages the giving of self through time and talent without the expectation of reciprocity. Jesus’ gift of salvation is the ultimate model of service – he gave his life that we might fully live.


Sr. Marcella, Marian’s founding principal, in word and deed, indoctrinated the motto “Esprit de Corps” - a French term for the shared spirit that inspires enthusiasm, devotion and loyalty to the group.  Through the decades, this Spirit of Marian has made Marian a place that is welcoming, friendly and supportive.


Spirituality is a way of living that reflects an awareness of the presence of God.  Marian fosters spirituality through prayer, service, scripture study, celebration of the Sacraments, and respect for church teaching.  


Marian’s mission challenges each young woman to develop her talents and faith to bring hope to the world. This is empowerment – the confidence, fortitude and conviction to make a difference in the world.