Social Studies

A Message From the Marian Social Studies Department:

Recognizing the need for all individuals to have a command of information and an understanding of modern conundrums, the Social Studies Department actively engages students in conceptual learning and information processing. The Marian High School Social Studies Department is an award-winning, dedicated and professional group of educators who create a myriad of opportunities to engage its students in the discovery of the human condition. Helping each student to achieve her maximum potential is the ultimate goal of each educator.

As a department, all members teach in their certified area of instruction and 80% of the department holds at least one masters degree. Members of the department have received numerous local, national and international awards. These awards include Archdiocesan Secondary Teacher of the Year, Second Congressional District Social Studies Teacher of the Year, Peter Kiewit Innovative Teacher Awards, ConAgra Creative Teacher Award, Sea World National Pledge and a Promise Award, Toyota Teacher Award and two Korean Foundation American Educator Awards. These honors not only reflect mastery of a discipline but also an awareness of creative practices within the classroom. The Marian High School Social Studies Department is one of the most honored departments in the entire state.

As a department, we recognize the vital role we play in the development of the talents and independent thoughts of our students. We pledge to you that your daughters will become active learners, utilizing appropriate school databases and critically evaluating web-based pieces of information. In the modern world, overload of information and misinformation could become the bane of any individual. Through timely and uniform projects, our teachers require students to use the school databases, allowing them to distinguish between peer reviewed and popular materials as well as a host of primary and secondary sources found on the Internet. This pledge means that your daughters will leave Marian with a command of information and the ability to synthesize and analyze that data into their own valid opinions. We also pledge to remain on the cutting edge and retain our dual enrolled courses of AP American Government and AP Modern European History, allowing students to obtain college credit for their work at Marian.

Hopefully, you will look carefully and appreciate the advantages of a Marian education. We would invite you to come and spend a day with us and experience the difference of a Marian education. Once you experience the dynamics of the classroom, you will discover teachers and students committed to the total person, as well as young women who are independent thinkers who lead in a multitude of areas.

Course Offerings

– World History and Geography
– United States History
– Honors United States History
– Honors/AP European History
– United States Government and Politics
– Honors/AP United States Government and Politics
– Sociology
– Honors Sociology
– Sociology II
– Women’s Studies
– Psychology
– International Issues

Social Studies Department

National History Day 2019

Congratulations to sophomores Callie Cavanaugh and Elaina Carleton for their second place finish at the Nebraska State Contest at National History Day for their performance “Arthur Miller’s Stand: The Tragedy of the Red Scare and McCarthyism and the Triumph of Victims that Stood Up to It.” They qualified to compete at the National Contest in Maryland from June 9 – 13.