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Fine Arts

Marian’s Fine Arts Program encourages its students to express themselves openly on stage, on canvas or through music. Through the arts, students can discover their voice and the freedom to express themselves and develop their full potential. Marian provides instruction in instrumental and vocal music, art, dance and drama. Several of these areas offer a four-year academic program of study.

Furthermore, the Fine Arts Department creates a dynamic influence in the school community in which students and faculty can become more aware of the beauty surrounding them. The department emphasizes the lifelong effect of fine arts and its impact on students’ lives.



By studying the fine arts at Marian, students will:

  1. Gain foundational skills to demonstrate an intermediate level of artistry either through performance or product.

  2. Foster an understanding and appreciation of the historical, cultural and social context of the arts and provide opportunities to analyze and interpret works of art across different mediums and genres.

  3. Foster creativity and imaginative thinking by providing opportunities to explore different artistic concepts and themes and to develop their own artistic voice and style.

  4. Integrate technology and digital media into fine arts instruction and use these tools to enhance creative expression and communication in both the visual and performing arts.


Students are required to take two semesters of fine arts classes.

Courses Offered

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Fine Arts Department Faculty

Stephanie Dickes

Stephanie Dickes

Chair, Fine Arts
Ashley Bauer

Ashley Bauer

Teacher, Fine Arts
Esther Hamra

Esther Hamra

Teacher, Fine Arts
Kristine Calhoun

Kristine Calhoun

Teacher, Science & Fine Arts

Extracurricular Opportunities

Art Club

The Art Club is open to all interested students interested. Members will participate in field trips and create a group art project. 


Momentum is an auditioned competitive show choir that meets from August to mid-March. Auditions for the following year take place in the spring. Momentum competes in about five contests from January to March. 

Orchestra Pit and Show Choir Band

Students that play an instrument are welcome to perform in the orchestra pit for our fall musicals. Participation depends on the specific orchestration of each show. Students may also be involved in the show choir band. Enrollment in a music class is NOT required. 

Fall Musical and Spring Play

All students are welcome to participate in our fall and spring productions. Auditions take place in August (musical) and January (play). Students also have the opportunity to participate in many of our crew positions as well. Enrollment in a music class is NOT required. 


Fine Arts

Student rolling clay