Every year the first week of January, Marian’s most recent graduating class returns to share their wit and wisdom with the juniors and seniors. After a panel discussion on the transition to college life, the recent grads share snacks and laughs and visit favorite teachers. The event provides Marian’s current juniors and seniors with concrete tips on the college preparation and selection process and serves as a reminder to all that you can always come back to Marian.

Here is some sage advice that the Class of 2019 shared with current juniors and seniors:

  • Research and narrow your college selection by making a list of the pros and cons of each school.
  • Test out different study spaces on campus at the beginning of the semester to find one you like. Studying in your dorm room comes with many distractions.
  • Go through sorority rush to meet people and make connections even if you don’t want to pledge.
  • The first week of school keep busy and keep your dorm room door open. Introduce yourself to everyone.
  • Schedule yourself and stay busy; you’ll get more done that way.
  • Marian prepared you well; you have to apply the skills you learned here.