Photo courtesy of 1993 Crusader Yearbook

In a state where football is king, Marian football reigns. Undefeated since 1955, Marian football has never lost a game. We must disclose that Marian football has never officially played a game. Yet, Marian football is legendary due primarily to the popular Marian football T-shirt. This perennial favorite ranks as the top-selling item in the Bluetique, Marian’s spirit store. To learn more about the history of Marian football, we fumbled through the archives in search of the Marian playbook.

According to the Marian Network (April 2012, p. 15), football frenzy originated in 1992 with Mark Koesters, theology and Latin teacher. At the time, club T-shirts could be worn to school on Wednesdays. The already beloved Marian football T-shirts were not allowed because Marian football wasn’t a club. To beat the system, Koesters and some empowered students formed the Marian Football Club.

The Marian Football Club had several goals: to have fun, to support all other athletic teams, to raise money for the Marian Football Scholarship supporting tuition assistance, and to win the Nebraska Girls State Football Championship. “It was just supposed to be a tongue-in-cheek thing,” Koesters said. Once the members graduated, the club dissolved.

As for actual downs and drives, powder puff football games have been documented at Marian. In 1968, Marian played flag football at Benson against teams from the all-girls schools of Mercy, Duchesne and Notre Dame. However, the season was sacked when Principal Sr. Eleanor Galt decided the competition was not “Marian-like.” From the 90s to 2003, Marian students and teachers played a game of flag football as part of Gnimocemoh festivities. Risk of injury and unpredictable weather were a few theories on why volleyball replaced the traditional homecoming football game

Season after season, Marian’s loyal fan base has kept football alive. If you’d like a piece of Marian football history, Marian Football T-shirts and sweatshirts, including the classic grey design and a new navy design, are available in the BLUEtique or at