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Welcome Panel

Our Mission

Founded by the Servants of Mary, the mission of Marian High School is to provide a Catholic college preparatory education for young women, to empower students to discover and develop their talents, and to inspire them to lead and serve as women of faith and compassion.

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Marian High School - NE

Core Values Container

Core Values

Marian is committed to teaching our six Core Values inspired by the Servants of Mary, our sponsoring order. The Core Values are achieved through a deliberate process of formation across the curriculum, student programming and student life.

Marian Identity

Marian Identity

Our namesake “Marian” means to be like Mary, the mother of God. By saying “yes” to God’s plan for her, Mary brought Jesus to the world. As modern Christians, we too are called to bring Jesus to the world.

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Throughout their four years at Marian, students build community as they learn together, pray together, stand together, and support each other in and out of the classroom. This shared experience builds a camaraderie that produces school spirit, mutual respect and lifelong friendships. 

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Young women are invited to participate in God’s plan for them by studying their faith in theology curriculum, celebrating their faith through liturgy and prayer, strengthening their faith through retreats, and witnessing their faith through service.

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Guided by intellectual curiosity and a sense of justice, a Marian student will learn to problem-solve, advocate for herself and others, recognize her strengths and abilities and use them for a positive impact, reflect resiliency and accept responsibility for her actions.

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Inspired by the mission of the Servants of Mary, Marian students are encouraged to bring God’s compassionate presence to their communities by demonstrating empathy, concern and support in relationship to others.

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In accordance with Catholic Social Teaching, Marian students identify, reflect and act upon the injustices in our world. Through their service work, students enhance their leadership skills and discover the impact they have on their community. 

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Community Voices

What's so special about Marian? Let us tell you.

Testimonial Board -- Here

  • Student
Testimonial 4
Leah Helton '24

Marian has been so influential in helping me build confidence and the skills I need for college and beyond. It has given me the opportunity to get involved in sports, like cross country, and various clubs... But the thing that sticks out to me the most is the welcoming community of people who really want you to succeed. 

  • Alumna
Joan Parker Neuhaus
Joan Parker Neuhaus '69

Marian is a key legacy for so many thousands of graduates. It gives you the knowledge that you need, the understanding of your own strength, and, most importantly, the values to go forth and make whatever future you want happen.

  • Student
Testimonial 2
Maggie McGill '24

Marian has shown me that I don’t need to be afraid to be who I am. Without Marian, I never would have gotten involved with the musical, or started my own club!

  • Alumna
Testimonial 3
Megan Smith '15

I would not have been the same person had I not gone to Marian… I can figure my way if I need to, and if I need to do a little bit more work, I know how to do that work. Marian really gave me all those skills, and that confidence bit is probably the most important bit. I just appreciate that so much.

  • Parents of Alumnae
Testimonial 5
Dave and Erin O'Malley Anderson '88

We have seen how an all-girls school fostered confidence in our girls to start the conversation, debate issues and explore new opportunities, all in a safe environment.

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