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Field Day 2015

One of Marian's largest and most exciting traditions is rapidly approaching. Field Day is set for Friday, April 24 at the D.J. Sokol Arena inside the Ryan Women’s Athletic Center on the Creighton University campus.

“Field Day truly epitomizes the six core values that Marian holds dear—Empowerment, Compassion, Marian Identity, Spirituality, Community and Service,” said Mary Higgins '69, president of Marian. Field Day is the culmination of a week of student-led activities with the fundamental purpose of teaching students basic leadership skills in an atmosphere of school spirit, class unity and fun. Field Day is a long-time Marian tradition, but it is not your typical day of track and field events. Rather, it is a colorful, creative and fun-filled competition between the classes to see who can display the most school spirit.

Students prepare for the big day for months, first choosing creative class themes to best show their spirit. Each class then chooses two primary colors to implement into imaginative wall decorations, costumes, skits and more.

This year's class themes and colors are the following:         
  • Surf’s Up Freshmen: Catchin’ the Spirit Wave (royal and fuchsia)
  • Sophomore Circus: The Show Must Go On (yellow and red)
  • Luck of the Juniors (emerald and lilac)
  • Senior Space Odyssey: Our Final Mission (turquoise and orange)
Field Day is an all-morning event that includes a parade of the classes in their costumes, class demonstrations and cheerleading routines. The event ends with an awards ceremony. A tentative schedule is available below. The cost of admission at Field Day is $3.

Schedule for Field Day

8:15 a.m.—Students line up for parade

8:30 a.m.—Parade begins (Girls will exit the Rasmussen Building—east of the arena—and will parade to the Sokol Arena's southwest doors)

8:50 a.m.
—Judges Booklet Presentations (5 minutes per class)

9:50 a.m.—Cheerleaders perform (4-6 minutes per class)

10:35 a.m.—Demonstrations (8-12 minutes per class)

Noon—Awards ceremony

**Times are tentative. Timing will depend on the length of the presentations. There will be several short intervals between class cheerleaders and demonstrations so that the judges may complete their scoring.

Field Week events kick off with Walls Night at Marian on Tuesday, April 21 from 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. Each class transforms its designated three-dimensional wall, in Marian's East Gym, into a theme-related fantasy display. More than 1,200 guests typically tour these displays. There is no cost of admission, but Marian’s Student Board suggests a monetary donation to support Water for Zambia, spearheaded by 2005 alumna Emily McKeone. For more information, visit
Past Field Day Champions
For more than half a century, Field Day has been Marian’s most beloved—and colorful—tradition. Blending school spirit, class unity and healthy competition, Field Day teaches students basic leadership skills in an unparalleled atmosphere of fun!

Past Field Day Champions

2014 -
Seniors Gone Fishin'
2013 - Senior Safari
2012 - Junior Java
2011 - A Scoop of Senors
2010 - Juniors in Bloom
2009 - Juniors Live at 5
2008 - Senior Migration
2007 - Juniors: Come Sail Away
2006 - First Class Juniors
2005 - Junior Jacks
2004 - Monopoly Junior
2003 - Senior Station
2002 - Junioroos
2001 - Seniors on the Nile
2000 - Seniors in Space
1999 - Senior Rodeo
1998 - Junior Jumpstart
1997 - Junior Geraniums
1996 - Seniorella
1995 - Junior Rhymes
1994 - Tie: Senior Sleepyheads, Juniors of the Hood
1993 - Junior Genies
1992 - Senior Senioritas
1991 - Big Top Seniors
1990 - Senior Saurus
1989 - Senior Shanghai
1988 - Junior Magic
1987 - Junior Egyptians
1986 - Junior Jackpots
1985 - Junior Junction
1984 - Senior Grease
1983 - Super Seniors
1982 - Senior Wave
1981 - Junior Jalopies
1980 - Junior Poohs
1979 - Junior Geniuses
1978 - Junior Femailers
1977 - Junior Jacks
1976 - Senior Stompers
1975 - Senior Stinkers
1974 - Senior Chickens
1973 - Senior Sizzlers
1972 - Senior Lollipops
1971 - Sophomore Bees
1970 - Junior Yokums
1969 - Senior Hobbits
1968 - Senior Party
1967 - Sophomore Daisies
1966 - Senior Wizard of Oz
1965 - Junior Jolly Green Giants
1964 - Junior Vikings
1963 - Sophomores
1962 - Juniors
1961 - Juniors
1960 - Freshmen
1959 - Juniors
1958 - Sophomores
1957 - Freshmen