Benefits of an All-Girl School 

As a parent, one of your most crucial duties is helping your daughter prepare for the future, and education is an important tool you can employ. While your daughter’s goals may not yet be clear to her, you already know that her happiness and success begins with decisions you make today. That is why we encourage you to reinforce and support your decisions by considering sending your daughter to Marian High School.  Marian’s relaxed yet highly academic learning environment, grounded in religious values, is designed to make our young women the center of learning, leadership, growth and endless opportunity.

Sponsored by the Servants of Mary, Marian High School is Nebraska’s only Class A, Catholic, North Central Accredited college preparatory school for young women.  At Marian, each young woman will have the opportunity to develop and grow spiritually, intellectually and socially.

Research shows that young women in all-girl schools have higher self-esteem, are more interested in non-traditional subjects such as science and math and are less likely to stereotype jobs and careers. They are generally intellectually curious, serious about their studies and overall achieve more¹.

Recent studies cite many factors for the positive influence of single-gender schools on young women.
When girls become the focal point, they achieve a greater level of development than might otherwise ordinarily be the case².  Single-gender activities many times serve to “inoculate” girls against some of the societal ailments that now threaten children and teenagers³.  Students in single-gender schools have fewer disciplinary problems and fewer unexcused absences. Students did just over an hour more homework per week and watched less television per weekday4

 "A girl who attends an all-girl school is more self-reliant and less inclined to be persuaded against what she knows internally. "4

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