Mission Statement

Marian High School is a Catholic, college preparatory school for young women founded by the Servants of Mary and dedicated to Mary, the Mother of God. Marian teaches the beliefs of the Roman Catholic faith in a caring and loving community atmosphere.

The mission of Marian High School is to commit all its resources to the college preparatory education of young women, teaching them to be leaders and lifelong learners in a society where their talents and faith will give hope to the world.

Marian Core Values

Marian High School is committed to teaching our six Core Values inspired by the Servants of Mary, our sponsoring order. These Core Values are reflected in the halls, the classroom, during competition—athletic, artistic, and academic—and at home.

Marian Identity
At Marian, Mary, the mother of God, is a role model for our students. Her life of service, justice and morality is an example to all women. We express our devotion to Mary in many ways, reminding our students often that she is our model, not only in her closeness to Jesus but also in her womanhood. Mary was a lady who had a sense of self that did not flow from materialism, cultural trappings, or the approval of others. In addition, Mary said “yes” to God’s plan for her. She embodied beliefs, suffered the loss of her son with dignity and grew from the experience.  
In May we crown the outdoor statue of Mary and a senior reflects on her relationship with Mary. This is the goal of Marian and the essence of the Marian Identity: to educate in a way that will help each of us find a personal relationship with Mary, a relationship that will help us learn to serve, discover our own personal power, and infuse an ethical dimension into all our relationships. We will then crown Mary by the way we live our lives. 

The Core Value Empowerment is hard not to see at Marian. Founded exclusively for girls in 1955, Marian students have been and are empowered to be the best they can be. Our students are put at the center of all learning, leadership and growth opportunities. At Marian, Girls Are First! As products of an all-girl environment, Marian students are free to be who they are—smart, talented, confident, faith-filled, curious, artistic, funny, goofy, athletic and articulate—without the pressures of appearance or social status. As a result, Marian girls have been recognized locally, regionally and nationally for achievements in academics, service, speech, journalism and athletics. Through empowerment, our students achieve success at school, at home and in the community. 

The Core Value Service means putting our faith and spirituality in action.  Service lives and breathes in all that a Marian girl is. Whether she is helping a friend study for an exam, collecting canned goods for the Food Bank or volunteering her time at the Hope Center, a Marian student knows that service unto others is simply a part of living. Along with the responsibility of Service comes the duty of Social Justice. At Marian, our girls identify, reflect and act upon the injustices in our world. One example of our action is the annual  summer trip to the Dominican Republic (DR). For the last three years, a group of students has traveled to the DR as part of an immersion/service program, where they see first-hand the ethical and moral issues that confront third world countries. Through their Service work, students enhance their leadership skills discover the impact they have on their community and grow in their faith.


Spirituality is a way of living and loving, always aware of God’s presence and plan for us. This Core Value is truly intertwined with our theology curriculum. An Invitation to Spiritual Development is integral to the Marian experience of Catholic education. Young women are invited to participate in God’s plan for them by: Learning about their faith in theology classes that focus on scripture, morality, Catholic/Christian teaching and Sacraments; Celebrating their faith in liturgy and daily prayer; Strengthening their faith through retreats; Witnessing their faith through Christian service. These important components of our theology curriculum are the foundation for spiritual growth, as individuals and as a community.


The Core Value Compassion starts with love and respect. Marian girls demonstrate compassion in many ways. They are friends to one another when they need a shoulder to lean on or a hand to hold. They are not afraid to ask for help or give it when someone else asks. They challenge each other to achieve their best, in school, on the court or on stage. They are the first to congratulate each other on their accomplishments and the last to stop cheering from the sidelines.

The Core Value Compassion also branches outside of the Marian walls. Marian girls are involved with many organizations in the Omaha community. In their outreach, they interact with many diverse people. They are sensitive to the needs of others and are respectful to those who may be different from them. They learn that not everyone is the same, and as they discover this, their compassion grows. One mission of the Servants of Mary, Marian’s sponsoring religious order, is to bring God’s compassionate presence to the world through their ministries. This mission is shared by Marian and is visible in each student. 

A true imitation of Christ consists of making others part of our life.  At Marian, Community is an all-encompassing Core Value. Our Marian students exemplify this value each year when new freshman students are welcomed into our family. To help ease into the Marian experience, each freshman is given a Big Sister, is an excellent resource and guide for her Little Sister as she adjusts to high school.  

Marian girls do many things in community: we spend hours each day learning together; we pray together at the start of each day and at monthly services; we stand together and cheer for our sports teams, for musical and dramatic student performances and for individual student achievements. 

Community is more than the activities that bind us. It is reaching out and accepting others for their similarities and differences. Marian girls share their common interests by joining one or two of the more than 30 clubs offered. The IDEAS (Increasing Diversity and Equality Among Students) Club sponsors activities that educate the student body about various cultures and creates an environment open to diversity, dignity and respect for all people. 


There is a place for everyone at Marian.

When a young woman completes her Marian education, she should be a light that continues to burn brightly, not only as a result of her initiation into the Christian community of faith but also as one who espouses in every way the six values of a Marian education. She should understand how these values are part of knowledge, part of decision-making and part of her philosophy of life. The six Marian values are Marian identity, community, service, compassion, empowerment, and spirituality. A Marian graduate profile flows from the educational purpose of Marian and the six Marian values.

A Marian graduate is a well-educated young woman with the leadership potential to become a significant and empowered woman of faith who reflects the gentleness and strength of Mary and who is a compassionate presence in her ministry of service. With a well-defined spirituality, she gives hope to others by her faithfulness to God. She uses her exemplary education to influence family and society to include Christian values in decision-making on all levels, with the teachings of Jesus and the sacredness of life part of these decisions. The Marian graduate leads by example and is actively engaged in her civic and religious community.